Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton.

Project Value : £87k

Project Description

We were pleased to secure this small works project from KIER which consisted of some heavy duty internal concrete pads, large scale duct works including an 800m bollard lighting run through solid chalk. There were also a lot of adaptions to be made to the chapels and outbuildings to allow for a full compliance of DDA requirements. This project was unique in the fact that all of the works had to be carried out during weekends and late evenings as full continuity of the facility was not compromised at any point.

Through some very careful planning and close co-operation with KIER not to mention a very dedicated workforce there was not a single occasion of disruption to the facility, something which was hard to achieve given the short work periods allowed.

Project Details

  • Client KIER Construction
  • Date May 30, 2014
  • Tags Site Work
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